Post-BlogHer Let Down: In the Season of My Family

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I am not a “big time” blogger. I don’t have thousands of readers, lots of traffic to my blog, brands begging to work with me or any of the other indicators of hitting the big time in the blogging world.

Yes, I want to grow my blog. Yes, I would absolutely love to make money from my blog, work with brands and other things. That is why I go the the BlogHer conferences, to learn more about how to promote myself and be a better blogger.

Is that my end all and be all goal of writing my blog? NO. I write because I want to. I write because I’m a blabbermouth who over shares. If I wasn’t writing all this down, I’d be on the phone talking to you about it. Or texting or writing letters long-hand via snail mail.

Coming home from BlogHer I had a To Do List of things to fix up on my blog, ideas to implement, people to contact, topics to write about and a thousand other grandiose ideas and plans. I was going to actually do these things this year darn it! I told myself.

Alas, that didn’t happen. Life, as usual, got in the way. Post-conference let down started. Frustration sets in and eventually giving up. Why bother?

I watched a great vlog about some of this over on the Nerd Family Blog today. I met NerdMom at BlogHer and enjoyed getting to know her. I had the same sort of post-conference let down for many of the same reasons.


Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 reminds us that everything has a season. I have realized that right now MY season is to focus on my family. Just like every other mom, I have a gazillion and one balls I’m juggling and desperately trying to not drop a single one.

As a wise woman from WINGS (Women’s Ministry) once told me that God gives us different seasons for a reason. That right now was NOT my season to help out as much as I want to at church. Eventually the seasons will turn and the time will come. All of my grandiose plans and goals will still be there. They may need some tweaking but they will still be there. MY season and time will come, God has promised me that.


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