Everything You Need For A Green Christmas

The stores are beginning to light up in red and green (some of them kick started the festivities way back in September), there’s talk of scrumptious food and the kids have a long list for Santa- Christmas is almost here! Nothing screams Christmas like shopping- endless hours of hunting for perfect presents for your loved ones and not forgetting to treat yourself to some goodies as well- ’tis the season to be jolly after all! But there’s more to Christmas than splurging on Christmassy stuff than you may just end up getting rid of once the holidays are over. Landfills and incinerators brim with toxic waste post the holiday season, reports the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).Here’s a thought- Why not make this Christmas more eco-friendly?

Spread the yuletide cheer this year by going green- gifts, food, the tree, baubles, everything! And just ’coz you’re going green this Christmas, it doesn’t have to be boring. Looking for some cool ideas for an eco-friendly holiday? Read on.

Create and wrap ’em up with a twist

Kids look forward to their Christmas presents every year- the shinier the better! This year, change it around by getting them involved in gift projects for their friends. Check out some great gift ideas for kids on ParentMap. Go DIY this Christmas by giving your gifts a personal touch, recycling materials available at home or you can even re-gift, says a green Christmas guide by Eartheasy. Whether it’s a cool iPad cover or making scented candles or a vintage bead bracelet, recycled gifts are fun to make and are inexpensive. Playing a game of Secret Santa with recycled gifts is sure to be lots of fun for the whole family. Reusing old wrapping paper or using newspaper to wrap your presents and old cards as gift tags are some of the tips on reducing holiday waste by the EPA. It’s time to get creative!

Gorge on sumptuous organic treats

Christmas is not complete without yummy food. Get healthy this holiday season with a range of organic ingredients available for you to make those delicious homemade Christmas goodies. From no-bake cookies to Christmas snacks that kids will enjoy munching on, here are some ideas for tasty, healthy and organic Christmas treats that will keep you going through the holidays. Love chocolate? Check out this recipe for organic Christmas truffles on iFood.

Design your own quirky Christmas tree

From stick trees and stacked-up-books to egg-box trees, here are some unusual but uber cool alternatives for a traditional tree compiled by interior designer Carla Aston. Styling your own tree can save our pines and firs from being chopped down every December just to be dumped in landfills a few days later. If you have to absolutely have a tree, use the cut off tree as compost after Christmas or buy an artificial one and reuse it. Grow one out in your garden- it’s the best way if you want a traditional tree. Using your tree as a birdfeeder or as a cover for your plants after Christmas are some of the tips on a blog by Earth Balance.

Deck the tree with eco-ornaments

Bored with hanging up the same baubles on your tree every year? Jazz up your tree and add extra sparkle with metallic ornaments that you can make yourself. SIMS Metal Management has recycling units across the country where you can buy recycled scrap metal. Spruce up your tree with solar-powered fairy bulbs or LED lights that use less energy. Make ornaments out of recycled paper, glass and even old CDs- here are some amazing ideas for recycled ornaments. On her blog Eco Karen, Karen Lee shows how to make photo frames out of glass jar lids- a cool ornament for your tree!

A green Christmas doesn’t end on Christmas Day. It’s what you do the day after Christmas that will make Christmas a true eco-holiday. A massive amount of household waste is thrown into trash cans which are then dumped into overcrowded landfills. After the revelry, don’t forget to recycle any waste in a curbside recycling bin or collection area where you live.

Taking a step to go green this Christmas may not cause a huge dent in conserving the environment, but it can surely help in reducing your carbon footprint to a great extent. Christmas proclaims peace on earth and goodwill to all men. What better way to celebrate peace on earth than by making this holiday an eco-friendly one! Go green this holiday and every year come December you’ll be singing- I’m dreaming of a green Christmas….Happy holidays, everyone!

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