Evil Has no Power: Small Success Thursday

 My  week can be summed up best by an 8 word story, written in the tradition of Ernest Hemingway’s famous 6 word story.

 An 8 word story

 Impenetrable darkness imprisoned; brilliant flame of truth freed.

“All the darkness in the world 

cannot extinguish the light of a single candle.”

-St. Francis

Augustinian priest prayed for me on Monday. Then, during silent prayer, while I simply lay, resting in his presence, smiling like and full of joy, a burning orb of light pushed out tension and control out of my body. It was a simple exchange of light for darkness and a sense of expansion within as my capacity to receive light, joy and life increased.

To celebrate, I built a bonfire. We are still cleaning up our seven acres which means burning piles of brush and  fallen trees or dead tree that still need to be chopped down. Sometimes bonfires are a sort of symbolic, spiritual act for me; we allow the fire of God to burn old sin within us, lighting our souls on fire with his love at the same time.

our children 

The Joy of Mothering

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