Evil Spirits Moonlighting as PTA Moms?

Aaaahhhh, yes! It’s the time of year when PTA boards choose a
nominating committee, which in turn chooses the board for the upcoming

Last week I sat at the park during my daughter’s basketball practice
while a fellow mom, and PTA board member, proceeded to tell me the
horrors of the possibility of Ashley (names have been changed to
protect the evil) becoming president next year. Yes, I’m on the board
also this year, but because I’m currently working two jobs I don’t make
it to any of the meetings and I miss most of the day time activities.

I little history is in order.

I was a PTA president for two years - 2002/2003 & 2003/2004
school years. If you were ever a PTA president then you know that you
basically did everything, short of giving your first born, to make sure
that your PTA ran smoothly while you were in office and spent many,
many hours at your child’s school.

The previous board at my kid’s school made decisions based on
opinion rather than fact.  The previous board (and the school
district’s poor accounting procedures) was the reason I inherited a
$10,000 deficit. So, my first order of business was making sure that
all future decisions were going to be made using Robert’s Rule of Law, which is a PTA standard. I also had to make sure that the fundraisers covered the deficit and the projects which we had planned for the year.

In talking with the current PTA president I have found out that
teachers are upset with me because I had to cut out field trips. Hello,
people!!! Paying bills comes first.

I must point out, the reason I had to train myself and my board in
Robert’s Rule of Law is because we had a few people on the board that
swayed the activities of the board based on their opinions - not based
on fact or a fair vote. I had some very hairy meetings and I’ve had a
couple of my board members yell at me in front of other parents because
the way things were done on the PTA changed - because things weren’t
done the way they were used to having them done.

So, back to present times.

It’s time for a new president next year and I threw my name into the
hat.  My husband is going to say that I’m crazy, and I definitely agree
with him, but I also feel strongly that PTA, though it is for children
and run by parents, needs to function fairly and ethically.

Why should parents that are only concerned about the welfare of their own child be elected board members?

Why should parents that are willing to succumb to the wishes of a principal who is only concerned about raising money for her pet projects become elected board members??

As respected PTA members, we need to stand up for the reasons PTA
was founded and not allow people that make it a habit to back-bite run
our PTAs into the ground.

I know there are many differing opinions about PTA.  Today I read
two interesting articles that are based to opposite views of PTA - Sign Me Up: How I Came to Love PTA and How I Came to Hate the PTA: I Wish I Could Quit You.

I would love to find out what your experience has been with the
PTA.  Or if you haven’t had the pleasure of belonging to a PTA board
what is your impression of what PTA is all about?


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