Evolution of a Buzz

Have you ever had one of those nights that landed you in a bar on a Tuesday night in the midst of crazed drunkenness?  The kind of crazy where everyone around is taking part in this secret tribe of togetherness with people that they hardly know?  The kind of drunkenness that ends with everyone singing a Grateful Dead song in unison without music? 

Well, I had one of those a few nights ago and in the midst of it all, all I could think of was how did we get here?  How did it get to this point?  When I walked into this place it was a calm, relaxed place.  Now as I take a look around, I have to laugh at the situation.

Upon talking to my associate that was with me on this particular Tuesday night, we discovered that there is an evolution of such that takes place. Yes, an evolution of beers, shots and mixed drinks that lands us in this place.  This I-love-you-man kind of place.

These are my observations of The Evolution of a Buzz*:

Stage 1:  The Pre-Buzz 

Your friend sends you a text that your favorite local band is playing tonight at the XYZ Bar, do you wanna go?

You think:  Well, it is a Tuesday night and I have to work tomorrow.  But...it would be nice to get out of the house.  I don't have to drink, I can just enjoy the music. 

You respond:  Sure!

A few hours later, you and your friend arrive at the bar.  You walk into the XYZ with a smile and your favorite local band is already playing.  You order a beer, you'll just have one, and take a look around.  You notice a few things:

There's a table full of guys that look like they just got off work, sippin on their drinks and talking.  One guy looks really tired.

In the middle of the bar, there is a large group that has moved a few tables together.  There are balloons and loads of drinks on the table.  Oh, look, Cyndi's having a birthday!  (You know Cyndi casually, but you will be best friends soon enough.  She's turning 40 tomorrow, can you believe it!?)

Well that's funny, there's a guy dressed like Captain Jack Sparrow.

Several random people are scattered around the room talking, including a worn out hippie wearing a floppy hat and scruffy beard.  He seems friendly, smiling and laughing.

The bar is lined with a diverse sprinkling of people.  Some hippies, some white collar workers, some construction workers, a few younger hipsters and a few moms. 

No one is on the dance floor yet.

You and your friend find a cozy table and chit chat as you listen to the band.  You give Cyndi a wave and she comes shuffling over to say hi.  She goes on her way and you and your friend sip your drink and tap your toe to the music.

Stage #2:   Buzz Kicking In

While I never reached this stage on the night in question, I did observe the following stages of The Evolution from this point on.**

At this point in The Evolution there is a more noticeable comradery between the patrons of the XYZ. 

The guys that just got off work are talking a little more loudly and have become more animated in their conversation.  They tell stories throwing their arms in the air, slamming their hands on the table and laughing full belly laughs.  They take turns buying another round and stomp their feet to the beat of the band.  They casually sing a few words to the song.  It's obvious that they know the words.   Tired guy still looks tired but he smiles and laughs softly along with the others.

More people have surfaced for the birthday party.  Actually, a mutual friend of yours is supposed to be on the way and you keep watching the door for her to show up.  Which by the way is strange, because you haven't heard from her and you just texted her husband and he said she left over an hour ago!  What the hell!?  You start to get worried because it's not that far of a drive.  Wonder where she is?

Captain Jack is a hoot!  He's obviously a few drinks ahead of everyone else and he's everybody's friend tonight!  People are taking turns trying on his hat and taking funny selfies with him.  You laugh and think how fun it would be to get a photo with Captain Jack.


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