Evolution of a Buzz

That worn out hippie finds his way over to your table and smiles politely.  You smile back and then he precedes to introduce himself.  His name is Nels.  Hmmm.  Not Nel. Instead Nels.  Anyways, he quickly becomes your BFF and tells you a long winded story that you can't make heads or tales of, instead you laugh and smile when he does and pretend that you are following along.  You nod in agreement and at just the right moment, you give him a high five and a "right on, man" to solidify your friendship.  You still have no idea what he just said but he seems like a nice guy.

A strange mix of people is rolling in now.  Not only do you notice the after work crowd, but now a few couples that look like they are headed for a night out on the town.  Additionally, you count several folks that stand out.  Mainly a girl with half her head shaved wearing platform shoes and seems to be seven feet tall to begin with.  The mix of people that were standing at the bar are now migrating to the dance floor.  Several small groups of women are gently swaying along in time with the music.

Stage 3:  The Full Blown Buzz

At this stage of the night everyone is friends.  The guys that just got off work are roaring loudly at the table next to you.  They hoot and nearly tip out of their chairs laughing and sharing inside jokes. 

Sleepy guy can hardly keep his eyes open.  In the midst of the loud bar commotion, his eyes flicker open every now and then.  His head nods and pops up every few minutes or so.  You and your friend laugh hysterically at him and bet each other to tip him over.  Although no one actually does it, you erupt in laughter at the thought. 

Cyndi's birthday is in full swing.  People from the party are now all on the dance floor.  An older lady with sunglass shades on her real glasses does some sort of a two step as everyone cheers her on.  Cyndi hugs everyone in her grasp and is obviously having the time of her life.  40 is going to be great, Cyndi! 

Well, look at that!  Your mutual friend finally strolls in and Cyndi lunges at her with gusto.  Apparently, she's been waiting, wandering outside for the last 30 minutes looking for the oddly located XYZ bar.  She probably ran into several misplaced business people looking for a watering hole after work too.  But, she made it to the party, nonetheless, and Cyndi is on cloud nine!  "Let's dance!" she shouts.

Captain Jack is still staggering around the dance floor and making new friends here and there.  He is loosing steam though.  You can see it in his eye.  The one that is not covered with a patch.  A few stragglers that haven't already gotten their picture taken with him, lean in for a quick shot and he smiles a crooked, wavering smile.  You still contemplate getting a picture with him.  You assure yourself, maybe after a few more drinks.

Your new BFF Nels has made his way over to a new table of lady friends to talk to.  You notice that they seem equally confused by the conversation they are having with him, as you did just moments ago.  What a nice guy that Nels is, he's friends with everyone!

The dance floor is now full and people are dancing everywhere.  All the people that were sitting at the bar are now dancing and pulling unwilling friends out to dance as well.  The bar is practically empty and all the tables are too, except Sleepy Guy.  He's still struggling to stay awake.  His friends have abandoned him long ago for the dance floor.

At this point, the first trip to the bathroom is inevitable.  You venture to the two stall toilet only to be faced with several people in front of you.  You wait patiently, smile and chit chat with the other people waiting.  Finally, it's your turn.  You get into the stall only to realize that there's not a lock on the door.  Oh well, so you switch to the other stall.  No lock there either.  Defeated, you resign to just stick your foot out under the door to signify that the stall is occupied.  You make logic in your mind that if anyone comes in, you can simply stomp your foot and they will certainly know that you are in there.  You are smart.  Clever.  Brilliant. 

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