Evolution or Creation

Evolution or creation?  These days it’s a battle between the two for some, but for me it’s easy -- I believe in both.  

I believe Genesis 1:3 “And God said, Let there be light: and there was light” is consistent with the big bang.  Even more, I believe my experiences with the spiritual confirm the existence of God, or at the very least, a higher being -- to me anyway.

When I was ten years old, my mom was going grocery shopping.  I was told not to cook anything until she came back, but I was hungry so I decided to be sneaky and cook french-fries and clean up before she got back home.

I peeled the potatoes, sliced them into fries and put them in hot oil.  Once they were done, I removed the fries from the pot and tried to pour the oil back into the oil jar.  The pot was too heavy and I wasted the hot oil down the right side of my chest.  I can still hear the sizzle of my skin as the hot oil ran down my body.  I don’t know how long I lay in a puddle of oil on the floor as my beloved dog licked my face to try to comfort me.

I got up, and with much effort I cleaned up the oil from the floor and stove.  I mopped the floor and cleaned the stove, gave the french-fries to the dog and went to sleep.

Of course, if I had told my mom what had happened she would have comforted and treated my wound, but I was afraid because I disobeyed her.  I went to my room and cried myself to sleep as I begged God to stop the pain.  Everyone wanted to know why I was spending so much time in my room, but I could only tell them I didn’t feel well.  I was terrified that if the burn didn’t kill me, my parents would.

The next day, the skin on the right side of my body began to crinkle, reminding me of the french-fries I was trying to cook.  The pain was horrible and all I could do is sleep.  My parents checked on me and other than ensuring I ate, they let me sleep, totally unaware of the amount of pain I was in -- my night shirt felt like a thousand hot pins on my skin.  All the time I was begging God to make the pain stop.  On the third day, I woke up and the pain was gone.  The crinkled, burnt skin fell off and the skin underneath was perfect, smooth and unscarred.

For years, I had watched people in church dance, shout and wiggle as they are taken over by the Holy Spirit.  I never understood the phenomenon.  When I was about thirty-three, I was going through a divorce.  My spirits were down, I didn’t know how I was going to make my life -- or my son’s -- work.  I sat on my dining room floor as I played praise music to try to lift my spirit.  

After hours of praising God, I felt something that felt like a person taking over my body.  I struggled to make this entity release me, but it had me.  The peace that took over my mind and body was like nothing I had ever experience or heard of.  I relaxed into it and danced and cried as the peace and calm took over.  My life was changed that day and it seemed that God had given me favor and everything I touched began to turn to gold -- figuratively of course.

Despite these and many other experiences into the spiritual, I still believe in science.  I believe there is an order to things.  Science, like math, is specific.  Science if fascinating.  It has the ability to show us how things work.

There are some that believe science cancels out creation, but I believe science validates creation.  Do I believe the Earth is 6,000 years old?  Of course not.  Do I believe everything in the bible is true?  Yes, but with a qualifier -- I believe that some of the things described in the bible were done through science while others were done by God.  


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