Excellent homemade latte tutorial!

For me, a trip to Starbucks is a treat and a half.  
However, when I must leave the house AND pay $5, it doesn't feel like such a treat.  
Sometimes I really enjoy coffee in my living room and not having to warm up the car or put on my boots.  
After much trial and error, I finally nailed a recipe!
You will need:
strong coffee
whole milk, spiked with a bit of half and half
a large bowl
a whisk
Heat milk over the stove.
As it's warming, add 2-3 teaspoons sugar to the bowl
a dash of cinnamon
and 1tsp vanilla
Once the milk begins to simmer, add to the bowl
whisk. like. crazy.
until you get this.  It only takes a minute or so but your arm will feel it for sure
fill your mug half full with the coffee
pour milk, holding back the froth
top as you wish
sprinkle with cinnamon and enjoy :)
Which I guess technically makes this a cinnamon latte, but I just like the flavor.  
Omit that or substitute as you wish.  
It is delicious!

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