Excercize and Art.

I have been working out on my elyptical for weeks now and yes, this particular machine of mine kicks my butt! On Thursday I decided to go for a run outside, ran (slowly with some walking in there) 3 miles. Love the runners high! Friday I took a run but only ran 1.5 miles because I stopped to talk with a neighbor, I was too cold to go on. Now I am having symptoms of shin splints or myalfasia pain syndrome, or Fibro. The shins hurt to touch them, sometimes my shins feel like they are spasming, and at night I am experiencing RLS (maybe, not sure... I've had RLS in the past and the symptoms are similar but the shins hurt!).

I am contemplating going to the pool but I am thinking I may just let my legs rest today. I didn't exercize yesterday and they still hurt. Maybe this is something that will take a few days to overcome.

I finally started a new picture! For the longest time I could just sit down, put pencil to paper, then sit back and enjoy the process. I hate it when I have blocks like I just went through!

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