An excerpt from my e-book Becoming: The Essential Guide for the Traditional Beauty

Excerpt from Becoming:

Believe in the Power of Your Unique Beauty

In order for you to begin manifesting your truest beauty we need to first expose some of those limiting beliefs you may hold about yourself.  These beliefs almost never begin within but are impressed on you from outside forces.

Each and every woman is incomparably beautiful in her own right.  Refuse to be limited by the idea of the impossible beauty that only the rarest of women can achieve.  Too many women feel they are not thin enough, young enough, pretty enough-the list is endless.  

It’s easy to lose yourself in the roles of life.  I knew a woman who lived for years with a haircut she despised just to please her significant other.  When she finally changed her hair she was amazed to find just how that one act of honoring how she envisioned her presence multiplied her confidence and beauty.

Maybe you have experienced illness and major life transitions that have left you feeling ambivalent.  You may be reaching a more mature age and for the first time are seeing a few wrinkles.  Perhaps you have just become a Grandmother and suddenly you feel new expectations about how “you are supposed to look”.

However, the woman who embraces herself with grace understands the power of her presence.  She is blissfully unconcerned with the idea of perfection as she has mastered her own timeless, classic and elegant beauty.

Whatever your best feature is-play it up!  Be proactive in taking care of yourself-eat healthy, move, wear something soft and feminine and find time to love and laugh.


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