Excitement Continues to Build for BlogHer Food '12!

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The excitement for BlogHer Food '12 continues to build this week. We're less than three days from Day One of the conference, and the food blogging niche of the blogosphere is talking about all the ways they're preparing for the big event! These posts are always of interest to me because, as individuals, we all get ready for something like this in different ways. Some people create. Some people worry. Some people, well, eat! Some people celebrate! What I do know is that we're listening to what you're saying, and we want to share it with others as they plan and pack.

We just pulled three posts that were all a little bit different in their approach to pre-BlogHer Food '12 excitement. It's an interesting cross-section of fun and excitement.

Sara at Go Gingham got creative in her preparation for the conference and made the cutest briefacase. Ever.

In case you haven’t heard, I’m speaking at BlogHer Food later this week. I’m honored to be doing so and am very excited. So excited that while you’re reading this, I’m having a clothing crisis about what to wear. Yes, friends, it’s a cyclone in my closet right this very second. This new briefcase is definitely going with me to BlogHer Food. It was an estate sale treasure that I found several years ago and it’s been taking up space on my sewing table. It has room for all of my essentials including a space for my water bottle and reading glasses. I mean a girl needs to keep herself hydrated while she’s reading, doesn’t she?

Sneak Peek of the Briefcase
Sneak Peek Photo, used with permission, Sara Tetreault.

Adorable. ADORABLE. She has promised to share the updated version when she's 100% done, so check back before you head to Seattle!

Annalise of Sweet Anna's is stepping out of her comfort zone.

But boy am I nervous! :o)

Although, I think the excitement of two full days kid-free (well, except for the tiny one in my belly who will be tagging along!) is outweighing the nerves quite a bit. I am so excited for this little burst of me-time!

And hopefully I will come home from this boundary-pushing weekend with a bit more boldness... and some new friends!

Be sure to say hi to her!

Melanie of The Coupon Goddess is really, really ready for this year's conference, despite having other things to do this week. Why?

This week I should be working on teacher's gifts and planning out my summer survival plan. Instead, I'm packing my bags to get ready to go to BlogHer Food.

What the heck is BlogHer Food? It's a conference where people who enjoy writing about food descend upon a city and gobble the whole town up. And the state du jour for BlogHer Food this year is Seattle, which has been on my bucket list forever.

Spectacular scenery, Dungeness crabs, Starbucks coffee, food trucks, orca whales, and vampires. What's there not to love?

And in celebration of me not kicking the bucket last year, only jostling it, I figured it was high time for me to go.

In case you were wondering what the "not kicking the bucket" was all about, Melanie was hit by a car while walking last July. So, yeah, she deserves a little conference-based celebration, I think! You can also read more about the accident.

Of course, many more have been posting little bits and pieces leading up to the conference. Here are a handful of others, in case you want to learn more about who is attending with you!

I'm sure there are more people blogging their excitement about the so-close-it's-almost-here conference, and I'm sure more will be doing so before they hit Seattle in style. If you've written something, feel free to leave the link in the comments. We'd love to see what you're saying, what you're packing and, of course, what you're hoping to eat while in Seattle!

During the conference, we'll be bringing you the most interesting tweets of each day via the #blogherfood hashtag and after the conference, we'll round up what you posted about your experience. So don't hesitate to put it out there!

See you in Seattle -- very soon!


Family & Events Section Editor, Jenna Hatfield