Exclusive Interview: What If The Go-Go's Robbed a Bank?

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Jane Wiedlin, Rhythm Guitar, The Go-Go’s:

Because the Go-Go's are all about fun, I thought it would be fun to ask each of you -- separately -- to play a game.

It's called "What if the Go-Go's Robbed a Bank?" In order to pull off a bank robbery, there are five basic tasks that have to happen in order to insure the success of the heist. There are also five Go-Go's. I'll name the task, and you tell me which Go-Go would be best suited for that task, and why. OK?

Jane Wiedlin Go-Go's
(Credit Image: © Peter Brooker/Rex Features/ZUMAPRESS.com)

Oh God, yes, this is so fun! I love this! Have the rest of the girls played?

Everyone except Gina.

I love this! [Laughing.] OK, go ahead! But I'm scared, it's going to be hard!

Which Go-Go would be in charge of "casing the joint," and identifying which bank to rob?

I think that would be Kathy. Kathy is a born researcher, so she'd be perfect for that. She's definitely #1.

Which Go-Go would be the one to go up to the teller and tell them calmly that this was a robbery?

That would definitely be me, because I seem really harmless and sweet and innocent. So I'd definitely be the best person to go up to the teller and tell 'em this was a stick-up.

Which of the girls would be the one to actually go into the safe and remove the money?

I think that would be Gina. Because she is sneaky that way! [Laughing}. Like, you'll be sitting in the dressing room and all of a sudden, your candy bar will be missing and guess what? Gina did it! She'll just look at you with that cute face of hers, and you know right there that Gina took your candy bar.

OK, and who would be the one to watch over all the customers making sure they didn’t interfere with the robbery?

That would definitely be Charlotte, because Charlotte is so nurturing, always looking after people. She's a great protector.

OK, and who’s driving the getaway car?

Belinda would definitely be the one driving the getaway car! Whenever we do road trips, Belinda is always the driver. We call her "the daddy" because she loves to drive.


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