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My boys both HAD to wear green shirts this day to confuse all of you. I also realized that my boys have no gear shifts, and their bikes may be a tad small for them. I bought the helmets that morning because they didn't want to wear Darth Maul and Jelly bean helmets in front of their friends. It was time.

ISO 160 f4.0 ss 1/800 full sun

I was running around a little and didn't get much with the younger swimming. I did capture one of my daughter (see the top pic with title) and I love this transition shot, too, of dad video-ing while mom helped the little one transition. This cutie just finished kindergarten.

My friend took this pic with her phone, and I love it because it shows that a) I was there and b) the track (you can see a runner in the yellow shirt all the way to the left) and where they came back on the right of this image by the house.

This is the shot I was taking of my son. He's got a big smile on his face because he knows ... long distance running is his strength. Man, that boy has some great endurance and determination.

ISO 160 f4.0 ss 1/1000 full sun with some clouds

About the time my boys started to run, my daughter was getting out of the pool to transition.

Waiting while our kids are all on the course ...

ISO 200 f 4.0 ss 1/400 in shade

This is nearing the end of the race when we saw the first few kids coming around the corner and we watched from afar. Cute girl in yellow was in the lead, but when I saw my running boy up close, I had an idea it might be in his favor. I took the trio below of them about to finish. It was SO close, and with about 100 yards to go, he slipped by her. She is the daughter of one of my closest friends, and we were standing by each other laughing -- promising to love each other still ... no matter what. ;)

ISO 200 f4.0 ss 1/400

(It is too blurred for my liking and could have darkened, but I didn't change my settings from the above shaded spot.)

My oldest skimmed just past her, it was very exciting to watch. My hubby made the finish line out of PVC pipes and a roll of art paper. I also love that I can see his age on his calf.

ISO 200 f4.0 ss 1/400

My second son came in a few minutes behind them. He had to stop a few times to tie his shoes, and I guess they were slipping off. Yeah, his weren't the best running shoes, either. When my daughter came in with the second heat, I thought it was so sweet that my boys went to meet her and run the end with her.

ISO 160 f4.0 ss 1/1000

ISO 200 f4.0 ss 1/400

Fun was had by all.

ISO 200 f4.0 ss 1/500

Here is the final group of contestants, and below, a friend of ours went to a trophy store and got real medals for just over $2 each.

ISO 200 f4.0 ss 1/500 (in shade)

Overall, it was a great day. The men were so happy to share a love of theirs with their children, the kids got some great exercise and understanding of what their dads love, and moms got to enjoy it, too! There will be some practicing for the end of the summer race.

If you want to hold your own summer triathlon, a few tips:

- Find a course that you wouldn't have to cross roads

- Pack plenty of water

- Plan well fitting shoes

- Transition station all set up

- Marker the arms and legs with age/race number

- Trophy store for cool medals

Photo tips: To photograph an outdoor sports event in full sun, you will most likely be shooting on a 100-200 ISO. Your aperture can be set in one spot such as f2.8 or f4.0 and can stay there because you are mostly photographing 1-3 people at a time (I stayed at 4.0 the whole time because of my lens). Your shutter speed will be up high ranging from 1 /500 to 1/1000, maybe up to 1/2000. The shutter speed will vary, depending on the clouds coming and going, and that can get tricky. You just have to be aware of the light as it changes. Keep checking your LCD screen or histagram to make sure you are on track as the light changes. Set your focal point on the faces of those you photograph, and with movement, just make sure that shutter speed is high enough to accommodate (never under 1/125 for sports). I used my zoom lens 70-200mm 4.0 for all of the images.


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