Expecting Motherhood

I had to chuckle last night after hanging up from a lengthy phone conversation with a dear friend. She called with some good news. Finally, after years of drowning in envy, she’ll soon be joining the ranks of motherhood.

 I’ve never been one to give much advice since most of the time I’m making it up as I move along through my own life. I congratulated her and promised I’d always be there for support. And then I dedicated this post in her honor.

Motherhood. When we’re enthusiastically expecting our first child, we’re undoubtedly not expecting motherhood.

Motherhood is exciting, joyful and ultimately the most rewarding role in a woman's life. It’s certainly the most important. At the same time, it’s also the most demanding, challenging, stressful, anxiety inducing, frustrating, exhausting… it is what it is.

When we learn to allow motherhood to be what it is, only then do we find the true wonder. Some of us get it right away and some of us take a little longer.

We know some days will inevitably be sweeter than others. So we learn to be resourceful and creative. We adjust. And re-adjust. And still, sometimes we forget how to find the prize among the challenges.

Each morning when my 4-year old daughter wakes, she loudly summons me with “Mommy, come and get me!” The first time she did this, I growled with irritation over her refusal to get up out of bed on her own.

Then it happened.

I walked through the bedroom door to be greeted by the most beautiful little girl I’d ever seen. Arms stretched open wide to hug my neck. A sincerely spoken “Good morning, mommy” welcomed me and was accompanied by an equally beautiful smile.

This is now our daily routine. It's my prize. Whatever I’m doing at that time isn’t important. I won’t dare miss out on that sweet moment. I won’t even share it with my husband. He seems to get it. This is my strength later in the day when chaos and tantrums threaten my mommy happiness and sanity.

Motherhood. It’s not what we expect. It's our toughest job. It’s our greatest accomplishment. And it’s so much more than we can dream. Even on the not so sweet days.


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