ExperimentalHomesteader.com Site Update And Site Links

I am sharing this post because I am participating in NaBloPoMo this month and did not want to miss a day. My website crashed last night and I am still working with other people to try to bring it back up. Needless to say, that means, no new blog post today other than this update.

Good morning friends. Those of you who are familiar with the site will notice a whole new look this morning. Last night the theme that Jerry chose started breaking. When the site went down, I decided to upgrade WordPress. I am not a tech - and as many of you know my husband and web designer Jerry Stanley passed away on 9/14/2013.

I've had several people look at the coding on the site since he passed away and this was the third time the site had gone down. I was told it would be easier to just upgrade and go from there, so that was my choice. Thankfully Amy stepped in and is working to customize the site so it looks better. My wonderful hosting company Hostnexus has my data backed up on their site, so while not every link is working at the moment, once Amy is done, they will be.

In the meantime, since the buttons at the top of the header that you are used to are gone, I wanted to post links here so you could find the areas of the site you were seeking. If you come across anything that is broken, please notify me in the comment section. This site dates back to February 1999 and there is a lot of data here.

Thank you friends for understanding - and here are the links:

The Experimental Homesteader - http://experimentalhomesteader.com/eh

Animal Husbandry - http://experimentalhomesteader.com/ah

Crafty Creations - http://experimentalhomesteader.com/cc

Elegant Cooking- http://experimentalhomesteader.com/ec

Food Preservation - http://experimentalhomesteader.com/fp

Exotic Gardening Thoughts - http://experimentalhomesteader.com/ex

Dreams And Destinations - http://experimentalhomesteader.com/dd

Sheri Ann Richerson - http://www.sheriannricherson.com

Exotic Gardening - http://www.exoticgardening.com

Experimental Homesteader TV - http://www.experimentalhomesteader.com/tv/

The Experimental Homesteader Channel -http://experimentalhomesteader.com/tv/index.php?ch=teh

Animal Husbandry Channel - http://experimentalhomesteader.com/tv/index.php?ch=ah

Crafty Creations Channel - http://experimentalhomesteader.com/tv/index.php?ch=cc

Elegant Cooking Channel - http://experimentalhomesteader.com/tv/index.php?ch=ec

Food Preservation Channel - http://experimentalhomesteader.com/tv/index.php?ch=fp

Exotic Gardening Thoughts Channel - http://experimentalhomesteader.com/tv/index.php?ch=egt

Dreams And Destinations Channel - http://experimentalhomesteader.com/tv/index.php?ch=dad


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