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After 16 years of creating websites and online marketing tools for small local businesses, I have an opportunity to create an international marketing strategy for my friend and customer BJ. BJ has an incredible set of skills: she is a professional story-teller, corporate story-teller, writer, coach and speaker.

Her ability to pull out the raw details of a story and help the teller breathe life into it so that it becomes a vivid and inspiring tale is truly awesome. I admire BJ a great deal and for years I have felt that her real value is not in the writing of stories but in helping average people write their own stories. She can help you take a memory and turn it into a compelling short story... really... for anyone.

This Christmas Holiday we have embarked at last on a venture I have wanted to undertake with her for years. She is writing out an e-book for moms. A book that helps mom find and indentify those quirky memories and put in the detail, dialogue and depth that turn them into frozen moments. So that all one has to do is flip back to that page to re-live those events.

See BJ and I both have those baby books and mom journals that are partially filled. It is easy to write and document about your baby when he or she is being sweet and cute. It is tough to keep writing through the terrible twos.

Besides - my babies didn't fit the standard baby book questions! I don't think I am the only mom with quirky babies either. And there is something about only recording the sickly sweet memories that is boring. It leaves out all of the personality. When I think back, it is the mistakes and worries and silly memories I want to record. Not baby's first step but how Xavier used to work so hard at crawling and inevitable inched further and further backward until some immovable obstacle behind him finally trapped him.

This is the kind of memory that BJ's e-book is going to help moms (and dads) create.

I am so excited to help bring her book to the world.

I cannot pretend to be an e-book expert or even an avid Kindle reader - my husband bought me a Kobo. I have to use the Kindle App for desktop to read kindle books. But I believe in BJ and her wisdom and I am doing the research to find out how best to help her.

I would love the input of those who have published on Kindle before to help me out!


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