Experts want help in schools for dyscalculia ("trouble with numbers/math")

In the UK, brain experts are fighting to get specialized teaching for dyscalculia ('trouble with numbers" or "trouble with math") in the schools. They think it should be part of mainstream education, which makes sense because so many kids have math difficulties. And everyone is finally starting to understand that no matter what the cause of the weak math cognitive skills (e.g. genetic), dyscalculia can be "fixed" by training the brain. As the article says: "neuroscience research shows what kind of help is most needed – strengthening simple number concepts." Here's the article: And here's some info on brain training for kids who struggle with dyscalculia: What I found most interesting in the Medical News Today column is that there are common indicators of dyscalculia. They include: 1. carrying out simple number comparison and addition tasks by counting, often using fingers, well beyond the age when it's normal and 2. finding approximate estimation tasks difficult (for example: they estimate the height of a normal room as 200 feet)


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