Expiry Date

I met this guy approx five years ago, and (due to mutual friends, and the ever so small boroughs of South London) we have more or less been on and off/ good friends/ polite associates to date, anyway ever since him nobody else can seem to hold my interest! 

It's real bizzare, because for at least a month or even five in one case this new guy is the best thing since sliced bread. Literally, and when you think about that saying it's pretty extreme right? I mean think bread, unsliced compared to bread, sliced, somewhat of a revelation. So I with nothing but good intentions enjoy the blissful month or five with Mr. New until one day I'm just not connected, not attracted, not interested and my thoughts have turned to 'That Guy'. To make matters even worse by now Mr. New is emotionally invested or has "caught feelings" as some say, and there I am Wicked Witch of the South not caring one bit about this guy and his 'feelings' because im too busy worrying about 'That Guy'. 

Cherry on the cake, I think some of my friends think that I actually get a kick out of "breaking" these guys hearts when that was never my intention. They'll say things like "oh but you led him on" - not true! I disclose my "terms and conditions" to EVERY guy ( that may make it sound like there are loads, theres not. I just always make it clear) which basically state that I'm not trying to be anybodies somebody, I can't be Mrs. New Guy when deep deep deep down I sort of want to be Mrs. That Guy. 

So baring in mind that 'That Guy' and I still talk and 'That Guy' has had every opportunity and more to make me 'his girl' but has'nt. Am I just (Morello from Orange Is the New Black) sickly obsessed with 'That Guy' and stealing time from genuinly nice people? Or am I just one those women who serial date, who is always single, and then becomes that thing  that's fairly attractive which nobody minds admitting, might rent but would'nt want to buy, and take it home, to be theirs forever?

Either way both conclusions suck right...



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