Explosions of the Bath Tub Variety

Here we go again, back to bath time. This time with a new twist. A first. As usual, we took a bath last night. We were having fun, doing the new thing where we stand up and splash our bootie against the water. Momma laughs hysterically because the small one will do what the small one wants to do and momma must pick her battles. So we bathed and played. I took her out and dried her hair and dressed her. Put her in the floor for a few minutes. Picked her up and she was fully loaded. Changed her diaper, with the help of her daddy. The small one would not be contained. The help was necessary and needed. Diapered her and snapped her up. Whew.


Then, back in our room I realize I need to dump out her tub still. And to my surprise and dismay...it was also fully loaded! What! Wait? Seriously? WTF? So now I'm realizing all of the splashing fun that was had, my skirt drenched still and the floor wet. And I wonder how long had the tub been loaded? Crap. Literally. Well, obviously neither one us are clean. Not wanting to put off what must be done, or really feeling up for the task of cleaning her little tub, or the big tub that her little tub was dumped into, I opted for a shower for both of us. We needed to get clean, and fast. It was bedtime. The small one had red ringed eyes and a look that at any given minute she would bust into inconsolable tears. So we showered.


And when we were done, the sweetest thing ever happened. Her daddy stuck her in the sink, just like I do. And he blow dried her hair! I cannot express how sweet this was, how tenderly he brushed her hair and how carefully he maneuvered the blow drier around her head. Seriously the sweetest thing ever.


Afterwards, we had our bottle and fresh pajamas on and all cuddled down into the bed for a nice peaceful sleep.

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