Exposing Your Heart

        The heart itself can be the most precious, beautiful, yet very fragile piece of a person's being. It keeps you vital but sometimes it has you operating in a way you least expect to. ONE THING ABOUT THE HEART THAT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THAT PEOPLE AT TIMES FORGET, IS THAT YOU MUST BE CAREFUL WHEN IT COMES TO EXPOSING IT. What do I mean?

       People always say follow your heart. TRUE.... but sometimes we find our hearts palpitating out of our chest and we get all excited especially when we think "something good" came along. We run, follow, hop, skip and jump without really thinking it through. When that happens, most of the time we end up disappointed because something didnt turn out the way we expected it to. ITS NOTHING WRONG WITH FOLLOWING YOUR HEART, BUT SOMETIMES IT CAN BE TRICKY, especially when dealing with relationships.

       When it comes to relationships, YOUR HEART IS AT THE MOST WORKS. Its vulnerable and emotional. You often find yourself automatically laying everything out on the table trying to prove to someone what you're capable of or even finding yourself "show casing" your heart.

          Because your heart can be delicate and fragile, you must take your time with it and treat it with care. Protect it and only expose it when needed to.

          Just let your heart shine through on its own!! People can tell and see the potential without you saying a word or trying so hard to prove your intentions. My advice, DONT BE SO QUICK TO EXPOSE YOUR HEART. Let it nurture and speak on its own.

                                                                                           Rae Amor

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