Ex's at weddings?

So I ran into a little tiff with my boyfriend's sister today. She's throwing a family party and has invited my boyfriends ex-fling to the event. I was intially upset but saw that it was inevitable that this girl would be uninvited to the event - ugh!

I'm a strong spoken women so I always speak my mind and always ask questions when I feel like I don't understand a situation. I confronted the sister and asked her what's up with that - her answer amazed me. 

She told me that I just had to "get over it" and "not let people control my life" and  wait for it ........  that this girl would be showing up to my wedding as well.  WAIT WHAT?!!?

Isn't the wedding our ONE special day? Why would I want a girl from my boyfriend's past to be there on our special day?

Her justification was that this girl is a "family friend" and since the parents know eachother she will be showing up at my wedding. 

I'm kind of shocked and unsure what my stand in this should be? I want to hold my ground and not let this ex show up to my one special day. Am I really being too irrational? 



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