Extending your salon pedicure in a salon pedicure-unfriendly economy

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In NYC where nail salons exist two to a corner and a pedicure can cost less than what some people spend at Starbucks in a day, professionally groomed tootsies are practically a requisite for resident status along with a love for chocolate egg creams and the ability to talk an off-duty cabbie into taking you home in the rain.

The economy being what it is however, I've broken down and *gasp* gone far longer without Dashing Diva attention than in summers past. Don't tell the mayor.

Of course I could bite the bullet and start doing it entirely myself, but there's something about sitting on my toilet seat massaging my own feet while my kids lick the electrical sockets in the next room that doesn't attain quite the same level of relaxation for me.

So I'm splitting the difference. I'm going once a month instead of two or three times. And during the lullls,  I've picked up a few easy little tricks to extend the time between jaunts to the salon.

1. Switch to light polishes from dark so little chips and flaws take longer to show. I agree with BeautyHacks editor Susan Wagner that chipped nails look nasty, no matter what the New York Times says. Especially on your toes.

I've recently evolved my trademark OPI nailpolish shade from Malaga Wine to pale pinks like Sweet Heart. And to no deleterious effect.

2. Give those heels a good buffing before showering to keep calluses at bay. No cheese graters! Bliss Spa's online site carries the spectacular Diamancel foot files and they sell them on Amazon too. The files are not cheap but oh, how they are wonderful.

3. If all else fails, get out the closed-toed shoes. Good thing ballet flats are in, huh.

Any other good tips for the pedicure DIY-er (Or DILess Often-er)? My pampered feet thank you in advance.

-Liz Gumbinner is the co-editor of shopping blog Cool Mom Picks

[Diamancel photo via Blissworld]


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