An Extraordinary Man ...

You sense that your photography session might be different from all other photography sessions you have ever worked at, when the object of your attention pulls out the bottle of whisky and proceeds to fill up a shot glass for both you and your translator/fixer.

And so it was with Ant, the 85 year old artist, choir singer and bugle player.

I have some extraordinary friends in their 70’s, heading on up to Abe, in his 80s and so I am accustomed to age not being any kind of limit to living a full life but all the same, Ant startled me, delighted me, almost got me drunk.

He was so full of stories and laughter and there I was, nursing that straight whisky because you drink and eat what you’re offered when you work as I do ... and voila, my glass was full again before it was empty.  So I discovered I can drink good whisky at 10am in the morning which surely catapults me into the status of artiste, in a troubled and interesting way.

We talked for 2 hours, I took photographs along the way, we viewed photographs of Ant meeting the Queen and Mother Theresa, we followed him up a million stairs to his atelier and there, after the pleasure of viewing his artworks, Valerie and I were each gifted a painting we had admired ... signed of course.

Today Ant’s painting is sitting up on my beautiful new red bookshelves, making me smile whenever I look over that way, remembering my yesterday.

There are some truly remarkable people in this world and in fact, I find most people remarkable, but yesterday I met one of the world’s shining stars.

It was a good day.  Dank u wel to Ant and to Valerie, and Steven for organising it all ...


People become stories and stories become understanding:


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