Extraordinary stories

Facebook Stories: a new site to share the stories of people using Facebook in extraordinary ways, quirky and thought-provoking stories and ideas from the more than 950 million people around the world who make up Facebook’s community.

Facebook Message: “Stories is now accepting submissions from people who’ve used Facebook to accomplish something that wouldn’t have been possible before Facebook. We’re looking for extraordinary, touching or surprising stories on any kind of topic—from memory, to love, to childhood. To get an idea of what we’re after, take a look at our past Stories. If your story is chosen, it will appear in our next instalment.

If you have a story to share, submit it using this link on the site’s homepage.

Each month, this site will explore stories around a different theme.

The first theme is “Remembering” and includes the story of Mayank Sharma, a man from New Delhi who lost his memory after contracting meningitis. Sharma rediscovered his friend network with “People You May Know” on Facebook, helping him to recover some of the experiences he lost.

My prediction: Facebook Stories will be a massive success with an amazing concept to be able to share your dreams, your laughs with the rest of the world.

Hopefully they will select really good stories to keep the site interesting enough to invite people to come back leaving a story behind – my guess as well because it’s Facebook itself promoting their own site, it will become viral of the speed of the light!

Today I submitted a story…  I will keep you updated.

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