Extreme Couponing Challenge: Week 5

Tonight's episode of TLC's Extreme Couponing featured my "neighbor" Antoinette from Sister Save-a-Lot and Chris and Ashley Duff who don't seem to be traditional coupon bloggers -- or if they are, I cannot find any links to their site (or facebook/twitter pages.)

I loved both of these episodes. Seriously. Chris and Ashley donated EVERYTHING, including 150 pairs of jeans (the same jeans that we bought for free a few weeks ago, heh) and Antoinette bought $500 worth of food for $50 in Chicago aka the land of no doubles. Awesome episode.

And this week's tips, from that episode, are:

1. Read your coupons closely and follow the instructions printed on them. Antoinette had a coupon that said "any [insert brand name] tuna", the cashier thought it had to be the specific things pictured on the coupon. Antoinette wasn't afraid to ask the cashier to call someone over to assist with the problem. You shouldn't be afraid either. If you've bought the right item, based on what the coupon said -- ask for a manager's help if you need it.

2. Chris buys everything with coupons, not just food. Target has great printable coupons on their site and they offer text message coupons too. We've bough jeans for TW, a purse for TW's mom and a shirt for TW's sister and saved 90% on those purchases because we had those Target coupons. Couponing isn't just about food.

3. Both Chris and Antoinette were taking advantage of stacking - using manufacturer's coupons on top of store coupons. Check your favorite store's website or sale paper for their coupons. Find something you will buy and then use a coupon database to see if you can find a manufacturer's coupon for that same product. Yell if you need help finding the store coupons for your particular store. I'm happy to help.

Last week I had some really good shopping trips -- this week, I think I'm going to do equally well because there's a sale at Food 4 Less I'm going to hit. Where are you shopping this week and how much are you going to save, with coupons? Come back here and share your shopping success -- and your questions are always welcome.

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