Extreme Couponing Challenge: Week 8

This week we saw Arizona's Amber Flores from Cut, Clip, Save -- she lives in a non-double area but for this episode, her store was doing one of its big promotions so all coupons were bumped to $1 and there was a buy 10 get $5 off sale as well. That's a huge opportunity and Amber worked it. More than $2K for just over $100. Amanda aka Manders from Money Saving Amanda was back with her grandmother's grocery list plus her own stockpile list. She also bought more than $2K in product... for less than $25.

The tips from this episode are:

1) Even if your stores don't normally double, they do sometimes have coupon specials or instant savings deals like the one Amber took advantage of. Reading the blogs and forums that regularly discuss stores in your area will alert you to these big opportunities. If you aren't already reading blogs and forums for your stores -- start now and read them regularly!

2) In this episode, Amanda deviated from her plan because Rice Cakes had peelies on them and the deal was "too good to pass up". I normally say "don't deviate from your plan" but sometimes, it is true, a deal is too good to pass up. So if you're out of rice cakes, you eat them regularly, and they will end up being free... deviate. (If you've already got a full stockpile... skip it! There will be another deal on those rice cakes, I guarantee it.)

3) If you've watched TLC's Extreme Couponing or followed my live Chatters/Tweets, you'll have seen these shoppers have been breaking the cash registers over and over again. Amanda separated her trip into 8 transactions, using 8 registers -- and the coupons for each transaction were in separate envelopes. This is a great idea when you're going to do more than one transaction but watch your envelopes carefully, they seem to have legs and can walk away when you aren't looking. I lost my CVS envelope on Monday and was a little (OK A LOT) freaked out -- my missing envelope was lost AFTER I checked out, but it had a printed gift certificate and about $40 in ECBs inside. (Like Amanda, I found my envelope -- but that was a frustrating experience.)

What are your extreme couponing tips? Do you have any questions I can help answer? Have you been saving money with coupons and stockpiling strategies?

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