Extreme Couponing Challenge: Week 9

On tonight's episode of TLC's Extreme Couponing we met Kelly from WorkingMomCoupons and Rebecca who does not seem to have a blog but apparently hangs out at the awesome Fabulously Frugal.

Kelly shopped at Kroger, and at they time they doubled any coupon up to .50 and did not have coupon limits. Rebecca shopped at Winco - a store that doesn't double or price match.

Tips from tonight's episode are:

1) You don't have to double coupons in order to save huge amounts of money. Rebecca paid a little over $50 for just under $900 worth of product -- at a store that does not double or have loyalty cards or price matching. It can be done -- no, you aren't going to get every product free or at a 80% savings but you can find great deals on a lot of items which will then help you save on your overall bill. Keep that in mind when you're doing your weekly shopping. It really isn't about 100% savings -- those kinds of trips are really ONLY for TV.

2) In Kelly's segment, you see a little problem where she had too much credit and needed a friend to run and find more items to buy. That segment didn't quite happen exactly that way. Read Mr Coupon's interview with Kelly. Kelly pre-ordered a lot of those products and it only LOOKED like she was clearing shelves. She didn't miscalculate her trip, some of her products didn't make it to the register because the crew didn't bring them up. This is television -- and that's the biggest tip I can give you.

Some of the things you see -- do happen. Some of the things you see -- don't happen exactly that way. Your trip will probably look very little like the ones you've seen on TV. But extreme couponing does take time -- more time to plan, more time to shop, more time to check out. Be prepared for that. No more quick trips because even a 5 item trip can take time if you have a coupon that beeps or a cashier who is confused. Be prepared and be patient.

3) When Rebecca showed us her stockpile, she mentioned that it is sometimes cheaper to buy the starter kits of air fresheners rather than the refills. She's right. Those Lysol Hand Soap dispensers -- I could have had 15 of those for free but I can't find a coupon for the refills to save my life. Swiffer Wet Jets -- free or close to it, refills, not so much. If your primary goal is saving money -- then don't pass up the "starter kits" in favor of the refills unless you're sure the refill is the better buy.

Those are tonight's tips -- do you have any tips to share? Any questions about couponing? How much did you save on your last shopping trip? Has your stockpile been growing?

~Denise BlogHer Community Manager Life. Flow. Fluctuate.


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