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Last week I was getting excited about my vacation to South Carolina, where I'd be able to visit a grocery store that doubles coupons. Today, a week after my very first double couponing trip, I'm still excited. In fact, I'm finding it a little bit difficult to shop at grocery stores that don't double coupons -- that's not good, since I'm back in the land of no doubles. Once you get a taste of doubling, it's hard to go back.

The store I shopped at doubles manufacturers' coupons, up to $.60. Before we arrived, I'd pulled the coupons for non-perishable staples that I thought would double and be at a price low enough to make them worth buying.

In the end, I used very few of those coupons, because the weekly sale was high on dairy and frozen foods, neither of which I could purchase while on vacation. I kept seeing things I knew I had coupons for -- coupons that would double and really increase my savings. Products that were not on sale weren't at a stockpile price, even with double coupons, so it wouldn't have been smart to buy them -- just to buy them. Extreme Couponing isn't just about using coupons, it's about using coupons when buying products at the lowest possible price.

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Even with a less-than-stellar sale, I ended up saving 82% on my purchases and that included three items that my partner and my mom tossed into the cart -- things that we did not have coupons for, (though two of those were on BOGO sale, so that's not so bad.)

Some of the things I bought were:

  • Sugar
  • Pickle Relish
  • Taco seasoning
  • Baking Mixes (brownies and muffins)
  • Bisquick

All of these items were either free or at stockpile price with sales and double coupons. (I gave all of these away -- to two of my kids and to a women's shelter.)

Looking at this week's sale at that store, I see dozens of items I could buy with double coupons that would be free or stockpile price -- and that's why it's so hard to go back to the land of no doubling.

With every coupon I pull and every deal I plan, I find myself thinking "That would be free if I lived in a double coupon area!"

Long live double coupons! (And to the stores who double or triple -- thank you.)

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