Extreme Couponing... Let the games begin...

My friends have recently gotten into the extreme couponing gig. I did it a few years ago and was threatened by the people I lived with that they would throw everything away if I brought home one more item from "couponing". So this weekend, I bought two Sunday papers thinking I would give this a go again.... I hit the jackpot...

Yesterday I went to Walgreens (twice) and Target. I got a lot of good deals and wanted to share my experience. The first thing I do before going on a coupon spree is organize my coupons by genre (medicine, food, hygiene, etc) to make it easier when I am looking for items. I also try to memorize what all I have, but who can remember every single coupon?? I pull up my coupon apps (Target Cartwheel, Target Mobile, Walgreens, etc) and go through them before I enter the store as well. You can double store coupons with manufacturers, so that's always a plus!!

When I walked into Target, I normally head to the end of the aisles where the clearance is located. I always look through items on clearance checking to see if I have a coupon for anything already marked down. I just so happened to find a few items... Barilla marinara and pasta sauce for $1.94 on sale, I had two $1.00 off coupons. I also found Welch's juice on sale for $1.74 with two $1.00 off coupons. I was thinking if the rest of this shopping trip is a bust, at least I have four good items for basically nothing. I also found socks for my son for 35 cents on clearance. Diapers on clearance, for cheaper than I normally buy them at Sam's Club in bulk. Powerade was on sale for 69 cents, so I grabbed a few of those. Medicine is always a good investment, especially with cold season coming up. I was able to find two bottles of children's cough syrup for $1.12 each on clearance. I later saw there was a 5% off mobile coupon for Target that I missed for children's pain reliever! Grrrr... Still a good deal though. I ended up spending $11.18 including tax on all of these items.

Walgreens is territory I am still feeling out. I really like their sales and coupons from what little experience I do have shopping there. They do not put a cap on how many items you can buy normally or how many coupons for the same item you can use! Yesterday's trip(s) yielded some good buys. I found Crest 3D mouthwash on sale, plus register rewards for P&G brands, plus a mfg coupon. I got two for $1.50 each. Noxzema razors were on sale for $3.50, I had $2.00 off coupons. Degree deodorant was $1, I had $1 off coupons- FREE. Cottonelle 12 pack of toilet paper was on sale, plus had a $1 off coupon, $3.50. Scott paper towels, 6 pack, on sale and had coupon, $2.50. Medicine is fun to find here too when you have good sales and coupons! Robitussin was on sale, I had two $3.00 off coupons, so bought two bottles for $1.99 each. A new (and expensive) cough medicine was running a BOGO sale for 2/$8.49. I just so happened to have $2 off each bottle, so got them each for $1.99. Zantac had $5.00 off mfg coupon and was on sale for $6.60 = $1.60 for acid reducer! Dawn with Olay (small bottle) was $1.00 each. Trident gum is half off right now for individual packages @ 69 cents each.

I ended up spending exactly $49.99 for $140 worth of product. I plan to get better over the next few months and get a good stock pile up for next year. FYI... I am still using toothbrushes, floss, toothpaste, shampoo, and body wash I purchased with coupons from 3-4 years ago.

For a picture of everything purchased here is the link:




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