Extreme Couponing: My Binder is a Mess

So. I went with the binder system. Sort of.

At any given time over the last month, you could find stacks of printable coupons in just about every room of the house. OK not quite, but it felt that way.

In those early weeks, I had no idea how many coupons I should print - or even WHICH coupons to print. Plus, RJ (the 15 year old) helped and printed a bunch of coupons I already had (or would never use.) I was (and still am, to some extent) drowning in printed coupons!

I had a binder that the 15 year old did not want to use for school this year, so I decided I'd use it. Several weeks ago I bought some baseball card sleeves and a few cute little dividers from Staples (.25 a piece, if you buy four!) and I started putting the coupons I'd already cut into those little labeled pockets. I set mine up by aisle, for the commissary, since that's the store I shop at most often. I also have sections in the back for CVS, Jewel, Walgreen's, and now Target. And, I have one extra page where I keep the coupons for products that always have big deals at the grocery stores. (Glade, Dove, Colgate, and Oil of Olay are the ones I tend to stick back there most often.) It took me a couple of hours to get it all set up that way.

coupon binder

I took the advice of a bunch of couponers and stopped clipping coupons, except when I needed them. This has worked, with the Sunday Supplement (and coupon booklets I get from various stores) - except, I always forget to write the date on the front so I often find myself flipping through all of them, looking for the one I need.

supplements in coupon binder

I also stopped clipping out the printed coupons but that was a problem (see above!), I had so many pages of printed coupons that it was taking me AGES to flip through them all. So last weekend I cut out every frozen food coupon I had printed. That made since because I was going to SuperTarget to fill my freezer and I wanted to be sure I had quick access to any frozen coupon I might need. While I was at it, I clipped the coupons I thought I'd be using at CVS, Walgreens, and Target on Sunday. That seriously cut down my stash of printed coupons. Thank goodness.

printable coupons

I've got a lot of coupons expiring in the middle of March, so at the end of this week, I'll go through my printables and pull out the expired. I'll also sort the rest so that the next round of expired are on the top for easy recycling.

Moving forward, I'm going to make sure to always date my Sunday Supplements and I'm going to clip printables as I go - and I'm not printing NEARLY as many printables as I did in January/early February. That was just madness!

Show me a photo of your coupon filing system! (And check out this video of how to set up a coupon binder!)

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