Extreme Couponing Tips: Week 11

This is the last episode of the season, so I won't be live tweeting/chattering the show for awhile and I will post weekly tips, just not late on Wednesday nights. ;-)

So, tonight on TLC's Extreme Couponing we see Scott from Long Island. He's a radio producer and doesn't really do much coupon blogging, though he says he does some. His radio show is at Elvis Duran & the Morning Show. Hah. He shopped at Shoprite in Long Island where they double up to .99 but do have limits on sale items and number of like coupons you can use.

We also saw Jen, from Las Vegas. She's one of the women behind Tip Resource. She uses couponing in homeschooling her kids. This is interesting. She shopped at Glazier's Food Market Place. They don't have double coupons but she does get a 5% military discount on her purchase. She purchased a lot of candy, for the candy stand her daughter's do every year at the community garage sale. She bought a lot of Franks Hot Sauce and gave it to the film crew and her friends. And, she bought a lot of feminine hygiene products that she donated to a women's shelter.

Now, onto the tips.

1) Jen mentioned in an interview that she shops at the military commissary for staples because prices are cheaper. She also mentioned the commissary on the show. This is an important tip. There may be a store in your area that has lower prices every day -- shop there! But supplement that trip with smaller trips to stores that are offering the best sales on specific items. This is a great way to maximize your savings. (If you are a military family member, be aware that your commissary will not double coupons or stack coupons but you can use your register rewards/catalinas! This can help you further reduce your main grocery bill.

2) Jen also got a 5% discount which her store gives to military members. Scott gets discounts for a loyalty points program offered by Shoprite. Check out your stores - find out what kinds of discounts and loyalty programs they offer and take advantage of them.

3) Scott is a big fan of e-coupons that he loads onto his loyalty card. At his store, he can stack those with paper coupons which further increases his savings. Not all stores have these e-coupons, not all stores allow you to stack them. Investigate the opportunities but beware -- I've had very little success with eCoupons. It's very hit or miss -- sometimes the coupon is taken off of the register, sometimes it isn't. If it isn't, you can visit the customer service desk and ask for assistance after you've made your purchase. Sometimes they can (will) take off the coupon, sometimes they can't (won't).

Do you have any coupon tips to share? Any questions I can answer? Have you enjoyed this season of TLC's Extreme Couponing? What would you like to see on the show next season?

~Denise BlogHer Community Manager Life. Flow. Fluctuate.


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