Eye Want To Bake Like Shuna Fish Lydon

Yes, Lotus Organizer is my everything and I just can't change...no telephone reminders, no handwritten notes:  Lotus is my first place at night and my first place in the morning and if necessary I print out the day's activities.

It is where I put things that I might need to remember some day; where I keep a wish list of shopping items to buy or a great new restaurant opening...it's my everything.

Come on you have had things or places or recipes you have marked down because you know one day you will make it, you just don't know when.

Shuna Fish Lydon of Eggbeater either once mentioned on her blog or I emailed her (because I can't remember) how to make a 'cake mix' and that she was going to use it for a soon to be created Chocolate Buttermilk Cake.

Well, I have a memory like an elephant (okay, no jokes here)...it stuck in my head for some reason, perhaps the subliminal lusciousness of what Buttermilk and Chocolate would taste like together stuck, for me.

Anyway I wrote her asking first about how to create a Cake Mix that could be given as gifts or just put in a jar waiting for me to bake a cake the easy way and as Shuna always does, she answered me.

I had no where to put it: printing it is synonymous with losing it; Cookware is where I put all my recipes but I never back it up; Lotus keeps it as a running reminder once a month which I have seen so many times I am already ignoring it...where did I put that damn recipe?

Can't afford a damn ipad and actually I don't even think it hit Canada yet.  So where the hell am I going to put this succinct and concise cake mix recipe?

oh i know...

On My Blog.

Good to have a blog and thanks Shuna...now this is just for my own memory; but others can use it if its okay with Shuna, which she said it was...what a giving girl...


Hello Natalie, came the personal email from Shuna.  At 52 I still get a thrill from an actually answered email.  Especially when it comes from Shuna.  (This girl needs a baking show...PBS needs to know Shuna is a baker and a blogger and a poet and an amazing personality on paper) Okay, not paper but it's just like paper this internet blogging thing.

Her Words, Not Mine but from previous experience some personalities don't like to be quoted because they're so uptight about copyright issues and all that other bullshit so I will paraphrase:

"All you need to do to make your own cake mix is make one cake but before mixing everything together, weigh all your drys. Not sugar, though, because usually it's creamed with butter and that's an important step you should not omit. If you know the weight of your drys to make that one cake you may multiply at will and always add the stated amount of "wets" when you want one cake."

She told me that this works with her Devil's Food Cake and that, now this is where the elephant memory came into play:

"I have a cake I'm making now, chocolate buttermilk, that also does well by having the drys sifted and ready to go at any time for any amount of cakes I need."

So I can now delete this entry on Lotus Organizer and all other entries that are running religiously to 2020 and look on My Blog.

Ahhh now for the actual recipe which has sat in my Inbox for months, the recipe which I will not remember I labeled in Gmail when the time comes to look for it,  and for which I will not find in My Documents...It's right here:

Shuna Fish Lydon's Chocolate-Buttermilk Cake and some extra shpiel...

"On 5 March 2010 11:31, Natalie Sztern <natalie.sztern@gmail.com> wrote:

Dear Shuna,

A long time ago you emailed me to tell me how to create a gift 'Cake Mix' I can keep in my cupboard for the days I want to bake and also for gifts.  You, at the time, said you were working on a Chocolate Buttermilk Cake after suggesting I use your Devils Food Cake recipe, which I did.

I cannot seem to find that recipe for Chocolate Buttermilk Cake.  Did you ever do it?  If so can you link me to the recipe?


Natalie Sztern

from:shuna fish lydon <shunafishlydon@gmail.com>
to :Natalie Sztern <natalie.sztern@gmail.com>

date   Sat, Mar 6, 2010 at 1:19 AM
subject:  Re: Chocolate Buttermilk Cake
mailed-  by gmail.com
signed-  by gmail.com

Hello Natalie,

Thanks for remembering!

I am sending this to you in a raw format because it's all the time I have.
Basically you follow a creaming method & then a DRY, WET, DRY, WET, DRY method.
Make sure everything is room temp & don't rush the baking time. a bundt cake pan is best for this cake because it's quite solid.
one column is 3X the size of the other column. make as much cake as you want is the theory...


UNSALTED BUTTER            4                    12 ounces
SUGAR                                 8                    24 ounces
EGGS-                                 2                     5 each
VANILLA EXTRACT-             1                     2 t
COCOA                               0.33                 1 Cup
AP FLOUR                          3.33                  10 ounces
BAKING POWDER              0.160.                5 t
KOSHER SALT                   0.33                   1 t
BUTTERMILK                     2.67                   8 ounces

shuna fish lydon
e g g b e a t e r
cooking, baking & nifty photos

Shuna, I still haven't made the cake...I just this very minute deleted all except one copy of this cake mix from my Lotus Organizer.

But if I may, because you certainly don't need praise from me, however, reading your blog Eggbeater is always a highlight and has added to my life not just for the food, or the baking; but for the absolute amazingly talented girl you seem to be; a poet, a cook, a baker, a lover, a traveler and I am certain a good friend and daughter.  Salute et merci; if there is one thing on the net I know, it is that when Eggbeater has a new post I am going to learn one more thing that day.

Now why the f__ck aren't YOU on t.v.?

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