Eyes Wide Shut

I hobbled into my office building.  The surgical shoe on my left foot slowed my pace down considerably.  I looked longingly at the staircase as I passed by.  I removed my IPhone from my bag as I pressed the elevator button.  As I waited I scrolled through my emails.


The elevator opened.  I got in and pressed number four. I was on autopilot.  I didn’t look up from my phone.  I just feverishly read and typed.  As the doors were just about to close a man squeezed in.  I barely noticed his existence.  Out of the corner of my eye I think he also pressed a button in the elevator, but I couldn’t be sure. My focus was elsewhere.


The elevator rose and stopped.  The doors opened.  The man got out.  So did I.  Again, my eyes barely glanced away from my phone’s screen. I had to finish answering the email, even though in less than a minute I would be at my desk.


Eyes still on my phone I walked to my office.  As I approached the door I stopped dead in my tracks.  “This isn’t my office” I muttered to myself as I realized I got off the elevator on the wrong floor.


Have you ever been so focused on technology you lost sight of your surroundings or the now?



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