Eyez is Cooking With Dog


No not Zoey.  I am not cooking with my dog.


Cooking With Dog is a Japanese Video Cooking Show highlighted on Youtube.com with the star named Francis, the dog.  Actually though Francis doesn't cook.

I have always been fascinated by Japan; it's culture, it's food, it's arts; yet I have never gotten the chance to visit.  Ever.  My fascination with the country began as far back as elementary school when we had certain videos shown to us as we studied various countries and I so vividly remember the segment on Japan and Kabuki.

Henry and I always went out for Japanese food when we dated, which was so far back that Sushi hadn't hit the scene yet and it was really just Sukiyaki served.

It was only when I began reading food blogs and websites that I ever entered the world of Pork.  Pork belly, chops, charcuterie.

Pork is the other chicken.

Here is one video of Cooking With Dog and it's most recent.  I have made three of their recipes and will make this one on the weekend.  Supplies can be bought at the Asian Grocer below Decarie Blvd that crosses Sherbrooke St. W (name escapes me); and in addition to food I also bought my tabletop stove and some of the cooking pots.

Another option is the Asian Grocer right across the street from the Pet Spa on St Catherine St. W, on the same side as Pet Spa.  Also name unknown.   They have all the ingredients you need and carry not just Japanese but Korean products as well.

Enjoy the Video:


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