Eye'z Doesn't Keep Kosher But Other's Do

For me lately to 'post is to be'.  Although for the time being I am not posting on my own blog (a whole other topic), I feel the need to keep the public aware of the on-goings in the Food world of the internet and Montreal.

This leads me to today’s post, a cup of coffee, a toasted onion roll and the newspaper.  Although it is a Monday and not usually a day for the local newspaper to talk about food, they did have an interesting article on a couple out of Montreal, my homestead, who have developed a really interesting business.  I actually wish I had thought of it, alas, I didn't.

As the onset of Chanukah reaches us quickly, this is an especially timely post.

Congratulations goes out to Michael Green and Kamilya Karabeava who have developed a Montreal based online service that will ship out Kosher foods within Canada to areas where finding Kosher is difficult, if not impossible.  Areas as far as the Maritimes westward where Judaica, in small towns, simply does not exist.  I have heard that in areas of Vancouver it is hard to find a Kosher butchershop.


From a personal side, I am aware that when my in-laws first came to Canada after the war, they settled in a small town in New Brunswick.  A town where there were maybe five Jewish families and where keeping the connection to their roots so soon after the war was such an impossibility that they quickly picked up and moved towards bigger cities within Canada.  For Jews who keep a Shomer-Shabbas existence, a function of continuing their Jewish identity, being far away can be an isolating experience.

Of course that was back then, and this is now, but according to Green and Karabeava there are about 100,000 Jewish Canadians to whom their business is greatly appreciated but more importantly for them, greatly needed.

Forloversoffood.com is billed as first Canadian website prepared to deliver just about anything Jewish - from foodstuffs to menorahs - to anywhere in the country within shipping range.


They are having 100 percent success rate in lining up the right participants for their business and hope to be teaming up with Costco soon.  They already, obviously, make use of the Kosher butchers and bakeries in Montreal and the 27 year old Karabeava cooks, caters, and home bakes as well.

Having gone to the website, I was ecstatic to see that they even carry gluten and sugar-free products.  They have thought of just about everything: I have always been a big believer in giving kudos where kudos belong and even though I don't keep a Kosher home, I am proud to be able to promote those who do.

Forloversoffood.com will fill the orders for Kosher baked goods ranging from challahs (including frozen dough for baking) to cakes to blintzes, while the kosher food basket on the website now contains some 600 kosher items and counting, from gefilte fish to foie gras.  They can even cater a Bar Mitzvah from afar - just give them the details.

I truly hope this site takes off, these two partners have thought of the perfect business for the times and I am so sorry I didn't think of it first.


This might sound like a paid-for announcement, but it is not.  I simply think that this is a fabulous idea.

A bonus that this is a Montreal entity, those who keep Kosher and don't want the pain of driving in from the Laurentians, or the Eastern Townships and are within a 1,000-kilometre radius of Montreal, their specially packed orders will be shipped within 24 hours.  As an avid internet shopper myself, I know that shipping costs can be quite expensive, but according to Mr. Green, it is my understanding that every effort has and is being made to keep shipping costs to the client to a minimum. Add to that the old college try to also ensure that deliveries are made before the onset of Shabbat.

However, aside from this, the importance for some families who live miles away from any and everything that is important to observe the Kashruth, this is a unique e-commerce supermarket.

So pass the word around Canada, Kosher is just an email away.


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