Fa la la la WHATEVER

It is no big secret that I am not fond of winter or Christmas. I do not like the cold, I do not like the snow, I dislike driving in bad weather, and wish for the entire 5-6 months of winter, that I was somewhere tropical. I think Christ should be celebrated everyday, not just once a year, where we spend all our time, money and energy trying to out buy, out decorate, and out cook the Jones's, and very little time thinking of Christ at all. I especially dislike all the Christmas music. It starts immediately following Thanksgiving, and doesn't stop until after New Year.  By the time it is over, I have the songs stuck in my head until sometime in July.  Well, this year I must say is worse than years past.  We are still 6 days away from Thanksgiving, and already the Christmas music is on.  One would assume that you could get away from it if you listen to satelite radio, but NO it is already on.  Channel 23 is now the Holly channel, Elvis radio is playing it, and even the Pulse channel is playing this holly jolly crap. OKAY OKAY I get it, but why is it early?  Why can't it just be on certain channels?  Why do you have to take over my favorite stations this early, or even at all when you have all these other channels to put it on?  PLEASE!  LEAVE MY SIRIUS/XM RADIO ALONE!  Okay enough bitching.  I have decided this year to suck it up.  I am going to decorate and cook and be festive even if it kills me.  in fact I have even started decorating.  I purchased a fishing snowman figurine and a couple packs of those static cling window things.  I am hoping, that if I start, it will be like a snowball rolling down hill, getting bigger and bigger, and maybe I will even start to like it.    I'm pretty sure the kids will enjoy it, and I am also pretty sure my husband will worry about the cost of it.  WHO CARES I have a little over 30 days to a merrier me.  Please post your words of encouragement and suggestions below, by clicking on the comments link below...I'm gonna need all the help I can get.


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