Fabulous Finishes on and off the wall

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I am a decorative artist, and owner of Fabulous Finishes, a business I started back in 2004.

I did the college thing, got the degree, worked a real job.  Even
had a company car. But none of that mattered once I became a mom.  I
gave up the business world and put all that hard work to good use
inside the home, raising my two children.

The business I started came into play AFTER my youngest entered
first grade.  With a type A personality like my own, there was no way I
could not get busy again.   This time, I wanted to follow my creative
passion.  I wanted to do something I loved – who ever gets that chance?

Life can get pretty crazy -  running a business, LEARNING how to run
a business, marketing it, and accounting for it. BEING the artist and
actually hanging off somebody’s walls or ceiling – that takes time and
alot of energy.   Just learning how to balance a business with family

I know I’m not alone. I want to share things I see, feel, think.
Things on or off the wall,  about kids, soccer, home, mad weekends,
being in my 40s, business, marketing, being creative, remembering to
not only breathe but live and love life, and thank God for each new day
he gives me!