Facebook’s Relationship With Skype…

Breaking news – Facebook announced that it has an official relationship with Skype. This means that if you are on Facebook, you can chat with any of your online friends, but your friends need to be logged onto Facebook.

I tried it last night after reading about it on Mashable. I went to www.facebook.com/videocalling and was taken to a window where I downloaded the app and allowed it to interface with my Facebook page.

My first call was to Craig Yaris of EsquireTech Solutions.  He is on my Social Media Club of Long Island board and I noticed he had downloaded the software earlier in the day.

He picked up on the first ring and I saw him sitting in his home office in a tee-shirt at the computer. “This is so cool,” I said.  “I think it’s even better than using Skype direct.”

Next, I called my daughter who was in the next room. I couldn’t believe how crisp the image was. It looked like she could have been sitting next to me and I was filming her on video.

After that, I got excited and called my mom in Florida.  “You’ve got to download this new app for Facebook,” I said.  After several minutes of hearing my parents battle out who was going to turn on the computer, my mother got back on the phone.

“Just hold on,” she said. “We’re turning the computer on and it takes time.”

By the time I walked them through the installation of the app, I could have been in Florida and back.  But once they got it up, they were thrilled. “Now we can stop using skype?” she asked me.

“Well, it’s a little easier this way,” I said.  “Now that most people are on Facebook, you can practically talk with anyone.  It’s pretty cool huh?”

Check it out and let me know your thoughts!

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