Facebook Acquires Instagram. How You Can Protect Your Info.

Have you heard? Facebook acquired Instagram for 1 billion in cash. A silly question, right? If you've been frequenting the Internet today, of course you already know! It's the hot topic of conversation regarding privacy concerns.

With the many articles posted today, where does one begin to understand what the next steps are to protect information? Lets break this out.

Three Solutions to Combat Privacy Concerns

A fantastic amenity of being an Instagram user was that we weren't bombarded with advertisers. It was a photo sharing avenue with a simple and fun user interface. No ads and no sponsored stories. Just great photos with a great community. The acquisition of Instagram means the user interface is now Facebook, hence ads, sponsors stories and the opportunity for Facebook to share our information.

According to Facebook Developers, in order to use an app on Facebook it needs to collect some information, such as name, profile picture, gender etc in an effort to make it personalized. Nevertheless, you can block how your friends SHARE your personal info when they use the Instagram app and other apps.

Option 1 - Take steps to protect your information from being shared by your friends' app use. Check your Instagram app settings on Facebook. Follow the steps below.

1. Click on your "Privacy Settings" on Facebook

2. Click "Edit Settings" next to Apps and Websites

3. Click "Edit Settings" next to How People Bring Your Info to Apps They Use

4. Deselect the information you don't want your friends to share when they use apps. Click "Saves Changes."

Option 2 - Make your Instagram photos "Private."

1. Open the Instagram app on your mobile device and click on your "Profile" tab

2. Toggle the "Photos are Private" switch to ON

Option 3 - Discontinue using Instagram and go for an alternative. If you select this path, here are opportunities to save your current Instagram photos.