On Facebook, Ask and You Shall Receive.

It's easy to get distracted on Facebook.

One minute I'm looking at my sister's recent status...but oh, look! Nike just updated their cover photo! Then oh wow, two of my close friends got engaged. All this could happen in a matter of 75 seconds.

Now think about your Page's updates. Are fans seeing those and engaging with the content? Fortunately, every time a fan gives a thumbs-up, comments or shares your Page's updates this action gets published on their and their friends' news feed.

Why not take it a step further?

Think about those fans we consider passive fans or distant observers. They see your updates but don't take action. The power of the words, "Like", "Comment" and "Share" resonates and can help our content's total reach by asking those passive fans and distant observers to engage with your posts. This could mean hundreds or thousands more eyeballs on your content, which could then drive more traffic to your site!

Here are some examples of leveraging "Like," "Comment" and "Share" -