Facebook has broken faith with us (community pages)

Here's an experiment for you to try. So far, it's not working for all users that try it, but I think it's probably only a matter of time.


1) Lock up your Status Updates. Make sure you have listed in Privacy Settings that Only Friends can see your Status Updates.


2) List ABC High School in your Profile, in the Education section ("ABC" is whatever high school you attended).


3) Update your status with a test message, including the phrase "ABC High School". You don't need the quotes, just type it the same way you did in your Profile.


4) Now go back to your Profile, on the Info tab, where you will see that ABC High School is clickable. Clicking this brings you to the Community Page for ABC High School. Notice that your status update, which is supposed to be seen by Only Friends, appears on the Community Page for ABC High School - where EVERYONE can see it.


5) Notice too that if your friends start commenting on that status update, the entire conversation appears on the Community Page for ABC High School.


6) Neither you nor your friends intended for that to happen. You all believe that you have control over where your words land on Facebook, but Community Pages apparently trumps your Privacy Settings.


Facebook has broken faith with us. They have given us Privacy Settings that lull us into a false sense of security, knowing all along that they are going to violate those settings by rolling out Community Pages in a way that over-rides your choices.


What this amounts to is that Facebook is LYING TO US. Unless this chages, and soon, I'll be leaving Facebook. To prepare for my exodus, I have removed everything from my Info page on my profile and swapped my real email address for a disposable one.  I'm actively populating my RSS feed with substitutes for the Pages I've "liked" or "fanned" or whateverthehell they are calling it this week. I'm also refraining from making any further comments, however innocuous, because who knows where Facebook will decide to send them - against my will.



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