Facebook Makes My Life Better. No, Really.

Whine, moan. Copy and paste. Status notifications of IMPENDING GLOBAL DOOM because Facebook has made something or other public that wasn't meant to be.

Ho hum.

I clearly don't have much of an issue with perceived privacy, or I wouldn't be oversharing over here on the lovely interweb, so that debate is a bit of a non-starter.

You know what I love about Facebook, changes and all? Facebook has truly reconnected me to a few people in my life that I had sort of resigned to the past.

Other people - not so much. You know who I mean, I know you do.

But Leslie, who I met in university, and who lent me my first copy of Green Grass, Running Water, and who most of you know as Lannis? Her.

Alex, my first roommate, and Andrea, our mutual friend, both of whom left for glamorous Montreal after their first year and with whom I exchanged sporadic emails until we didn't anymore? Them.

A few of my other friends and relatives, who I see regularly but infrequently, and those who live too far away to ever see? Them too.

Facebook is that shared experience that lets me know - with little effort, which as you know is key for me - what's going on with them, so that when we have Actual Conversations (I hear they're important for friendships, I don't know), we don't have to feel like there's a year's worth of stuff to catch up on before moving on to the now.

Let me boil it down: If I hadn't joined Facebook in 2009 (I'm one of the mom joiners, who only signed up to show off pictures of her kid. Yup, that's me.) YOU wouldn't get to read about Lannis' clothespin bag. Take that, Facebook Haters.

The Mrs Housewifery, general cheapskatery, and butter. Lots of butter. Sometimes even on bread.


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