Facebook Status Regret

I should have known it was a bad idea to brag on Facebook. It must have been one of my rare moments of self-confidence. They come and go so quickly, it is surprising that I managed to create a "look-at-me" type of personal status on facebook for all the world to see, before the feeling passed. But I did...

"There is something very empowering about cutting one's own hair. Been doing it myself for nearly 2 years and was pretty grumpy about the financial need at first, but now it feels powerful! Of course I only do a straight across bob, but still."


Since losing my job two years ago, I have been cutting my own hair every few months, just snipping here and there and hoping for the best. Thankfully I now work from home so I have not been too worried about looking all polished and professional. But I wear a semi short style so it's not as if I was simply trimming a long, straight style.

I was obviously feeling pretty cocky and sure of myself to have written the words about feeling "empowered". And it really did feel good to do this for myself. Now I would not need to be totally dependant on a professional hairdresser. Whenever I saw a section that bothered me I simply grabbed my scissors and fixed it. I actually felt a bit of a personal high as i snipped away!

Well yesterday I blew it. Yep it happened. I chopped a bit too much off the back and the more I tried to blend it in, the worse it looked. So here I sit with a choppy mess on the back of my head. Not feeling so very powerful right now. 

Now the question is, do I Facebook it or not?