Fact or Fiction? The Truth About The Latest Fad Diets and Health Crazes

We live in a world where skinny is in and fat is out! Therefore, diets are a dime a dozen and we are constantly looking for the next best way to lose weight. Skinny Ms. has researched a few of the latest fad diets and health crazes to let you know if they are healthy and proven or if they are unhealthy and unrealistic! Take a look – let us know if you have tried any of these fad diets and your results!

The Paleo diet.  Eat like a cave man! This diet got its name from the Paleolithic era when men were hunters and the women were gatherers. The basis of this diet is to eat mainly fish, grass-fed pasture raised meats, vegetables, fruit, fungi, roots, and nuts, and excludes grains, legumes, dairy products, salt, refined sugar, and processed oils. Gastroenterologist, Walter L. Voegtlin, first came up with diet in the seventies, but the diet has been altered and transformed many times by different fad diet supporters.

In 2011, a panel of judges ranked the Paleo diet the worst diet out of all 20 diets evaluated. The diet was evaluated on weight loss success, health, and the ease of following. Tests were conducted again in 2012 and placed last again. Experts state the diet worked great long ago, but in today’s world, it is very hard to follow a diet in which everything is fruits, nuts, and wild game.

African Mango Seed Diet. This has become very popular in the weight loss world and has even been promoted by Dr. Oz. But, it’s not exactly a diet – it’s more of a supplement. Studies have shown the African Mango can help the body in three ways: Enhance weight loss results, lower blood sugar, and lower cholesterol levels. Sounds great! Right? Well, as with anything, consistency is the key.

The African mango diet extract or seeds can only do its work if a high quality supplementary source is used on a daily basis over an extended period of time. This can be very expensive and troublesome to many people. Other problems with this “diet” is there are no diet guidelines to follow with this supplement, so you have to make sure to eat healthy or the supplement will not work. Also, it has to be taken in high concentration, if you purchase the pills online and they have fillers in it, your body will not be affected at all, so your money was wasted. So, in the end, it seems to work, but wouldn’t just eating healthy and exercising work, too, without paying the extra money?

Functional Fitness. Functional fitness is the craze in all the gyms. This type of fitness focuses on building a body capable of doing real-life activities in real-life positions, not just lifting a certain amount of weight in an idealized posture created by a gym machine. It’s about teaching all the muscles to work together instead of isolated.

An example of functional fitness would be the bent over row. The bent over row is when you are leaned over at the waist, arms hanging down, and pulling your dumbbell weight up with elbows pointed toward the ceiling. This type of exercise works your back as well as your whole body. The bent over row is a movement you may experience when picking up your toddler or a nurse bending over transferring a patient to another bed.

Functional fitness carries over into everyday life, so when you are doing real life jobs or chores, you don’t throw your back out or pull muscles. Functional fitness is mainly done on your own two feet pulling your own weight. People can sit on a padded leg-press machine lifting 200 pounds with their legs, but can’t even do a one legged squat! Conventional exercise teaches your body to be isolated, while functional fitness teaches your muscles to work together, strengthening your whole body all at once. So, functional fitness trains your body for everyday fitness and according to many kinesiologists, seems to work better than the traditional weight machines. So, we believe you have nothing to lose – well, you know what we mean! The results show – you can lose with functional fitness and it does work.

So, in the end, it looks like there is nothing better than good old-fashioned blood, sweat, and tears to get you looking and feeling your best! Instead of spending money on fad diets, try eating a well-balanced diet and give functional fitness a try.  Skinny Ms. has numerous home workouts that fit perfectly into any weight loss or maintenance program.  

Written by: Skinny Ms.







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