Do Fairy Tales Encourage Good Imaginations or Teach Our Kids to Lie?

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[Editor's Note: Encouraging our kids to have vivid imaginations is one thing parents are supposed to do. They're also supposed to teach their kids the difference between truth and a lie, makings sure to emphasize the point that lies aren't good. What's a parent to do when imagination and lies (or fibs) intersect? Christy at Home Celebration asks these questions and for opinions. -Jenna]

Faerie Tales: Good or Awful Parenting:


Fairy and StarImagination is such a fun thing when you are young and so willing to believe in any magic that might come your way. We truly do try to let her stretch hers as much as possible -- mostly because we both know what happens when you get to be an adult and life beats all the funny little imaginary wishes right out of you.

But at some point, how much of it is helping the imagination and whimsy and magical thinking to thrive? And how much is just outright fibbing to your child?

I struggle with this. Here's a case in point:

When we read The Borrowers as our summer read-out-loud book two years ago, she decided that we had to have some living in our house since it is over 100 years old, so she made little "books" out of construction paper for them and left them out to be retrieved. "The Borrowers" (a/k/a mom in disguised handwriting) nicely left her a note of thanks, spiriting away all the little books from the top of the desk where they'd been placed so carefully by her little hands, and she has been leaving things out for them ever since.

Where do you draw the line with imagination and fibbing in your house?

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