's not so bad.

Today I was talking to someone about the positive changes I am working on. Her response was "I can tell you are really trying." This made me feel really good. I thought to myself ~ I wonder if other people can tell I am trying ~ But, how would they know? I do not talk about these changes often. ~ Why dont I talk about my self improvement goals? ~ Because I don't want people to say I that I will not be successful. ~ Because I do not want people to ask about my progress. ~ Why dont I want people to ask about my progress? ~Why dont I want to be accountable?~ If people know what I am trying to do they will know if I FAIL!!!!!

I see the error in this way of thinking. It is sort of a self fulfilling prophesy. Set goals, keep goals quite so people wont know if you fail, make only the least noticeable changes or effort towards goals so that people will not notice or question, then FAIL to accomplish goals because effort was minimal.

So from this point on I will not fear failure. As a mater of fact I will set big goals and risk being a Big Failure. If I aim to lose 75lbs and fail by only losing 25, I'd still be healthier, look better, and be more confident about doing things like dancing naked in my mirror. If I aim to pay off all of my debt in a year and fail by only paying off my student loan, I'd have still freed up more money for other things and improved my credit score. If I aim to save a $25,000 for an emergency fund in 1 year and fail by only saving $5,000 I would still be better prepared for an emergency and feel more secure. If I aim to start my own business and I fail by never making money, I would still be smarter and more confident because of the experience, I also may have found a fulfilling hobby instead. If I aim to find the Joy in every situation, I may indeed fail. There is not much Joy to be found in death or sickness. However I'm sure I'd find a lot more Joy than if I never made the effort to looked for it.

So Risk being a Big Failure and Set Big Goals. You may Fail but you will still be in a better place than if you never really try. One step closer to accomplishing goals is one step closer to Joy. Remember part of the definition of Joy is possessing what one desires, desires = goals.


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