Fairytales do happen

In 1998 I was living in a tiny little town that had little to no black men. Approximately 20 miles south of our town was the new ARMY base that had a large population of African American soldiers.

Anyway not to get off track. I met a very handsome black man and he and I bonded instantly. There were down falls to all this, he was married, was only going to be stationed here for a short time, had children of which he was determined would keep him from divorcing or leaving them until they were old enough to understand.

Therefore here is what happened. He and I fell deeply in love, enjoyed every moment we were able to sneak with each other. Were so deeply bonded and the intamacy was out of this world.

But, then the day came and he was being deployed overseas to war and my heart was breaking. There were not cell phones back then, was not all the social media as there is today and so because he was married, what was I going to do? How would I ever keep in touch with him?

Well we lost touch. Thirteen long years had gone by. I had remarried, but it didn't work because my soldier was in my heart and soul and I loved him so much I had to find him. I needed to know did he make it back from war safely? Alive?

I used Facebook daily, searhing pages and pages of his name, praying and praying I would find him. Well after nearly 2 years and thousands of pages of his name on Facebook, I found him. I messaged him and asked did he remember me.  Ah HELLZ YES!!! was his response. We are soul mates.

We exchanged phone numbers and he immediately called me. It took my breath away, we cried, we laughed and talked daily like that and finally a year and half later he rode the Amtrak train from TX to NY to move up with me.

We have since stopped living together. I live in PA right now, he still lives in my little home town in NY. We want to be able to buy a house so we can have something that is ours and continue to be together for ever.

We are soul mates and we would of had a better chance of winning the lottery than finding each other again after all those years.

Oh and he is divorced now, he was from Arkansas but was living in TX when we found each other so I didn't break up a family.

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