Fake boobs are like, so passé...

I was tickled pink to stumble across this article in the New York Post proclaiming that big, fake boobs are now considered a "joke". Thank God. 

Why fake boobs were ever cool is beyond me. If anything, I wanted a reduction, and I'm only a 36 C. But boobs, they take up space, they bounce around, you basically have to tie them down when doing any kind of sport. I longed for a smaller cup, an almost boyish figure that would allow the wearing of a bra to be optional. 

Alas, this is not the case, but between wanting something different and going under the knife to get it, lies a vast territory of self-perception and self-esteem. Some simply accept what they have, and move on. Others don't.

The real question here is: why do we feel the need to fit into a mold at all? Every body is so unique. How can there possibly be this notion of a "perfect" body? All that does is brainwash us to reject what we have, undergo unnecessary surgery and buy stuff we don't need to feel better about ourselves. And someone, somewhere is making money off our insecurities. Fear is a great way to control and exploit people. It's all part of our rabid consumer culture and it's eating us alive.

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