Faking a Pregnancy Does NOT Help Breast Cancer

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Post your bra color = raise awareness for breast cancer?

Post a sexually suggestive status about where you leave your purse = raise awareness for breast cancer??

Post another sexually suggestive status about your shoe size = raise more awareness for breast cancer?

Fake a pregnancy = raise even more awareness for breast cancer? 


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Alright, ladies, enough. These shenanigans have gone too far. At this point, my original argument that these posts do nothing to help raise any awareness, is now being solidified ten fold. Posting some random, sexual status, purposely excluding men (who also can and do get breast cancer) does not, and will never raise awareness for breast cancer. Wanna raise awareness for cancer? Go find a site that supports breast cancer research, and post the link. Or run in a marathon. Or write a blog about how breast cancer has impacted your life. My point is this: Actually go and raise awareness by doing something other then pretending to raise awareness with a silly, silly game on Facebook.
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