Before The Fall

"Oh, well they're Lab Scientists," Margie voiced to the group, "very focused, not really into chatting." She thought that was about as big a generalization as she should make at that point. It made Margie grateful to have a new female colleague, and so happily accepted Sue's offer to meet for lunch the next day, so they could go over some of the details of the disaster workshop.

"Oh, by the way, Margie - I'm wondering if you could order some T-Shirts for the group, in a variety of colors so we can determine the different roles. I'll email you some specifics."

"Sounds good," Margie declared, thinking that she was getting the easy jobs - most likely because Janet knew she had a lot on her plate. Margie liked Janet, she seemed to know what she was doing, and the fact that she had started her career with the World Health Organization went a long way in her book.  Margie was grateful that the afternoon meeting cleared early, as Margie would now be able to login to Dream Life and scope out some of her training locations before class that night.  She needed to be careful, however, because the last time she logged in, her best friend in-world had "mistakenly" teleported her into an adult location. A favorite spot of his apparently, which left Margie a little unnerved, seeing as how she was developing a bit of a crush, despite her being married. Margie spent a good twenty minutes looking at pictures of naked gay men, before realizing what she was doing. She was on her own computer, but it still was probably not a good idea to be so nonchalant about her school projects at work.  Mixing work and play on the Internet and Social Networking sites was getting tricky, she certainly learned that lesson on Facebook - having made an off hand comment about the clumsiness of the EMTs and the 100 pound hi-fi resusci-Annies that they were using. She was trying to be glib, but the only laughter she 'heard' seemed to come from next door; perfect timing if she was the paranoid sort, but she only shook her head and continued to watch negative comment after negative comment pile up on her post.  Apparently, there were plenty of friends and family that took offense, leaving Margie to wonder how everyone had gotten so God-damned serious all of a sudden.  She'd known some of the people at her school for years and years, and they rarely hesitated when gossiping about some of their own medical personnel in some of the worst ways.


Rasul Okwandi sat silently after Greg went over the plan for their group project. Greg, having already appointed himself as leader, had went ahead and made some key decisions over the weekend prior to the three of them meeting to discuss. Margie was certainly fine with that, as she had been excruciatingly busy with her final project in Dream Life and with the new Disaster Response simulation at the Lab. She wasn't sure how Rasul felt about it, however. He didn't seem to talk much, only opening up a tiny bit more when she and him were out chatting after class, or to meetup for dinner somewhere to discuss collaborating on projects. He mentioned that he was separated and was living with another classmate, but about to get his own apartment somewhere downtown, somewhere he could bring his two kids to come see him on weekends while he finished his PhD work.


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